Finally I am in the US of A!

July 2002

I cant sleep!!!  In two weeks I will be in San Francisco California! Wohooo!

The next day after work I asked a friend if he could come with me to pick up a “maleta”… I was so excited!  What will I get?  We went to Robinsons …we looked around I was eyeing a red  hard case samsonite but OMG it was so expensive!  If I will be crazy I will end up with no pocket money when I leave.  Then I saw this green luggage …it was a well known brand too and was reasonable.  I end up getting a carry on too and a back pack :)… I was happy!

I packed all my bags… made sure it was not overweight… dont want to pay for extra weight :).

My mom was crying so hard as if I will not come back… told her I will just see if its good and if I cant find a job within a month.  Thats what I told my boss in my leave form… I will just be gone for one month less the I am trying to get a job. 🙂

“Ladies and Gentlemen…Please fasten your seat belt, we have begun our descent to San Francisco, where the current weather is 62, and we will be
in the gate in about twenty minutes, We’d like the flight attendants to prepare
the cabin for arrival.and we want to thank you for flying with us today..”  My heart was pounding… I dont know what to feel!

Finally!!!! I AM IN THE US of A!






My American Dream

When I was a young kid I will always tell my mom I want to go to the U.S….She will tell me then study hard so you can go there.   Later on I found out that my mom had a chance to go to the U.S. since her father was a U.S. veteran. She kept on telling her friend that just like me its her dream too to go to the U.S.  Her friend would asked her you’re father can go there and petition you why dont you try it.  And my Mom’s answer was I cannot leave my kids they are still very young.  From then on it was not just my dream for me but i want to strive hard for my mom coz she gave up her chance for me and my sister.

I studied very hard.. I was a consistent honor and always in the honor section.  When I graduated  from a Business School I applied for a job and immediately got hired.  I checked if I can apply for a working visa or even a tourist visa in the U.S. hoping I can find an employer, but I found out I need to have properties and i need to established that I will not stay in the U.S. illegally and I am very young then.  So I waited 8 years to apply for a visa but even then most of my Bosses who are much older than me and who have more money than me was being denied.

My Bosses told me you are too young and you are single… theres no way you will pass!  Being a hard headed me.  I still tried…. My Appointment was 10 am and I was in the embassy at 6 am.  They let me in at 8 am.  I was nervously waiting It was cold in the waiting area but I was sweating.  2 hours of waiting seems like forever until finally I heard a white consul called my name.  I was more nervous but I told myself…”You can do it, just be yourself”.

I took a deep breath and  went to the consul’s window.  I smiled and greeted Him Good Morning Sir! When he smiled back and greeted me I felt alot better.  He asked me why do I want to go to the U.S…. Told him I just got back from my Asian trip and now I want to try the United States  which I wanted to stressed that I went to many places in Asia to established that I have money to travel.  He asked me do I have a boyfriend… I figured he asked this so he was seeing if I have a reason to comeback and so I told him yes I have a boyfriend actually thats the reason I want to go to the United States now because we have plans of getting married next year and I think once I am married it will be hard for me to travel as I might get pregnant.  Well the boyfriend part is true but the marriage is a small lie.  He then ask what do I do and how long I have been n the company I am working with. He asked  few more  questions that I answered with confidence before telling me Thank you.  I was looking if he will stamped my application denied or issue me a yellow card… he took a yellow card and stamped a date on it.. handling it to me saying Congratulations you may proceed to window 5. I thanked Him and was  so happy…. I want to jump in joy and kiss the Filipino Guard by the door. 

I got a 10 years Multiple Entry… I cant believe it!  At 29 I have a U.S. Visa!