Finally I am in the US of A!

July 2002

I cant sleep!!!  In two weeks I will be in San Francisco California! Wohooo!

The next day after work I asked a friend if he could come with me to pick up a “maleta”… I was so excited!  What will I get?  We went to Robinsons …we looked around I was eyeing a red  hard case samsonite but OMG it was so expensive!  If I will be crazy I will end up with no pocket money when I leave.  Then I saw this green luggage …it was a well known brand too and was reasonable.  I end up getting a carry on too and a back pack :)… I was happy!

I packed all my bags… made sure it was not overweight… dont want to pay for extra weight :).

My mom was crying so hard as if I will not come back… told her I will just see if its good and if I cant find a job within a month.  Thats what I told my boss in my leave form… I will just be gone for one month less the I am trying to get a job. 🙂

“Ladies and Gentlemen…Please fasten your seat belt, we have begun our descent to San Francisco, where the current weather is 62, and we will be
in the gate in about twenty minutes, We’d like the flight attendants to prepare
the cabin for arrival.and we want to thank you for flying with us today..”  My heart was pounding… I dont know what to feel!

Finally!!!! I AM IN THE US of A!






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